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1 - Introduction

You may need to combine two photographs.

There are two common situations.

Situation #1 - Too Much Contrast

A scene may have too much contrast.

Camera sensors can only record a small range of brightness compared to what we can see.

Two typical examples are:

• A landscape with a bright sky and an area in shadow.

• An interior with a bright window.

You can take two or more photographs at different exposure settings.

Then, you can combine the photograph easily with Photoshop Elements' Photomerge Exposure.

Situation #2 - Plain Sky

A second reason for combining two photographs is wanting to replace a plain sky with a blue sky.

Here, for fun, a blue sky is being replaced with the YUMMY Buffet restaurant.

Move a Face

If you need to insert a small part of a photograph into a second photograph, such as a face, go to Move a Face.

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