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3 - From Outside Photoshop Elements

You may want to select a color from something on your screen besides a photograph open in Photoshop Elements.

For example, let's say there's a photograph of a sari on a website.


You want to use some of the colors on the sari for text on your photograph.

Let's say you want to use the plum from the mother's sari, and the cyan from the girl's sari.

Two Windows Visible

First, you have to make the Photoshop Elements window smaller so you can see the website with the sari photograph.

Do the following.

1) Click the Minimize icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.

It's the double-box icon located between the dash icon and the X icon.

2) Reduce the size of the Photoshop Elements window further.

a) Place your cursor on one of the corners.

b) When the cursor changes to a double arrow, click, hold, and drag the Photoshop Elements window inward.

Click & Hold

Now that you can see both windows, Photoshop Elements and the website with the sari photograph, do the following.

3) Select the Color Picker tool.

4) Click and hold the Color Picker tool cursor on the photograph that's open in Photoshop Elements.

5) While still holding down the mouse button, move the Color Picker tool cursor to the sari photograph.

6) Release the mouse button.

The sari color is now the foreground color.

To change the background color, press and hold Alt, when you press and hold the mouse button above.

You can select colors from the Color Picker.