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2 - Introduction

Photographs travel through the photography system:

Camera → Monitor → Software → Printer

As a photograph travels through the system, all parts of the photography system have to use color the same way.

If they don't, the color goes awry.

For example, a monitor may display the color of the tip of the nose, below, as Red 168, Green 88, Blue 65.


However, a printer may print the same color as Red 151, Green 108, Blue 53.


Digital Color

A photograph that's traveling through the photography system doesn't have any color.

It's a file containing millions of numbers.

The numbers in the file are converted into colors by each device or program in the photography system.

For the color to remain constant throughout the photography system, each device and program must convert those numbers the same way.

They have to use the same recipe, called a color space.

Color spaces may also be called modes and profiles.

Color Spaces

To keep color constant, a photography system should use the same color space in each device and program.

Here's a representation of a color space:


Let's look at color spaces in more detail.