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Collage Templates > 1 - General Principle

This tutorial is not the ordinary way to make a collage.

For the conventional method, go to Make a Collage.

If you've never:

• Moved a photograph from one photograph to another, go to Move Something from Photo 1 to Photo 2.

• Used the Move tool, go to Move Tool.

General Principle

If you're making collages with similar layouts, then this method is for you.

You can create a collage template.

Think of it as being like a matte board with multiple openings cut in it.

You position photographs under the openings in the matte.

In Photoshop Elements, you make black shapes, each on its own layer.

The black shapes are like the openings in a matte.


Here's how the shapes look in the work area.


Let's say you have the above template open.

You open five photographs, one for each of the black shapes.

Drag one of the photographs above one of the shape layers.


Then, you press Ctrl + g (PSE 15: Ctrl + Alt + g) to group the photograph with the black-shape layer below.

A tiny arrow will appear in the photograph layer denoting that it's grouped with the layer below.


After grouping the two layers, the black shape "crops" the photograph.


As needed, use the Move tool to:

• Reposition the photograph.

• Resize the photograph.


Repeat the above steps for the other four photographs.

What are other ways to make the black shapes?