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Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) Converter

You can use the Adobe DNG Converter to convert raw files into the Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) raw file format.


The link to the Adobe DNG Converter changes, so use a search engine such as Google.

Enter these search terms:

Adobe DNG Converter download

Macintosh or Windows

The download page has installation instructions.

How to Convert

Here's the converter.

While there are four sections . . .

. . . you don't have to do much!


Section #1 - Select the Folder


Navigate to the folder where your raw files are located.

Oddly, you can only select the entire folder.

You can't select the raw files in the folder.

Section #2 - Select Destination


By default, the DNG files while be saved in the folder where your  original raw files are located.

If you want to send them to a different folder, select Save in New Location.


Then, click Select Folder to navigate to the destination folder of your choice.


Section #3 & Section #4

Most users can ignore these sections.


Click Convert.