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1 - Basics


Let's make a basic slideshow.

This tutorial assumes that the Slideshow module has default settings.

Do the following.

1) Press g to go to the Library module.

2) Select five previews by holding down Ctrl and clicking on them.

You could also place them in a collection.

3) Go to the Slideshow module.

The five previews are located in the Filmstrip panel at the bottom of your screen.

4) To enlarge the previews, place your cursor at the top of the Filmstrip panel.

When the cursor changes to a double arrow, click and hold, and move your mouse up.

You can also press g to go to grid view.

Press e to return to loupe view.

5) To change from one photograph to another, use the arrows below your photographs.

6) To change the order of the previews, click and hold on one of them, and move it between two other previews.

Before you do the above, press Ctrl + d to deselect the previews in the Filmstrip panel.

7) Open the Overlays panel on the right side of your screen, and deselect any overlays.

8) Open the Playback panel on the right side of your screen, and deselect Repeat, if you wish.

9) To view your slideshow, click Preview or Play in the lower-right corner of your screen.


Preview shows the slideshow in Lightroom.

There are stop, pause, and play buttons in the Tool panel below your photograph.


Play shows your slideshow, full screen, outside of Lightroom.

Press the Esc key to return to Lightroom.

Let's add a title and captions to your slide show.