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Import With Presets

When editing in the Develop module, you can:

• Apply Presets.

Copy and paste the settings for one photograph to a another photograph.

Sync the editing of a photograph with many other photographs.

You can also apply Develop module presets when importing.

In the Import window, on the right side, open the Apply During Import panel.

Select a preset in the Develop Settings menu.


Apply During Import Panel

You can create your own presets.

In the Develop module, make the adjustments that you want to apply during import.

Click the plus icon in the Presets tab on the left side of your screen.

Enter a name for the preset.

Select the values you want to save in the New Develop Preset window.

Click Create.

When importing, open the Apply During Import panel.

Open the Develop Settings menu and select your preset under User Presets.

Default Develop Settings

You can have Lightroom apply your Develop module settings to every photograph that you import.

Go to Default Develop Settings.