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Import the Organizer Catalog

Photoshop Elements have the Organizer.

You can import the Organizer catalog from:

• Windows versions of Photoshop Elements 6.0 and later.

• Mac versions of Photoshop Elements 9.0 and later.

Two Cautions

Caution #1 - Five File Formats Only

Lightroom only operates with five file formats.

You can import these only these file formats:



• Raw



You can't import Photoshop Elements creations, either.

As described in detail below, your psd files must have been saved in Photoshop Elements with the Maximize Compatibility option selected.

Caution #2 - Varied Results

People who have imported their Photoshop Elements catalogs into Lightroom report varied results.


The photographs transfer, except for:

• Photographs that were designated as Missing Files in the Organizer.

Go to File > Reconnect > All Missing Files.

• Photoshop files (psd) that were saved without Maximize Compatibility selected.

Maximize Compatibility is the default setting.

Check to see if you've been saving psd files with the Maximize Compatibility option selected.

In Photoshop Elements, go to File > Preferences (Windows) or Photoshop Elements > Preferences  (Mac).

Click, on the left side, Saving Files.

Look for Maximize Compatibility menu in the center of the screen.

Always should be selected.

Collections & Albums

Not all of your collections or albums may be imported, and those that are imported, may not be intact.

You can add a keyword tag to the photographs in a collection or album, designating the collection or album.

For example, the photographs in Sri Lanka could be tagged with c_Sri_Lanka.

Then in Lightroom, filter using c_Sri_Lanka as the attribute.

Place the resulting group of photographs in the Sri Lanka collection or album.

Keyword Tags

Write Them First

Your keyword tags won't import unless you write them to the actual photographs.

In databases like the Organizer and Lightroom, keyword tags are stored separately from the photographs.

You have to write the keyword tags to the actual photographs.

Go to File > Write Keyword Tag and Properties Info to Photos.


Your hierarchy of keyword tags may be not be imported intact.


Consider using John Ellis' psedbtool for writing the keyword tags.

Version Sets & Stacks

Version sets are not supported by Lightroom.

When imported, they may or may not be converted to stacks.

Stacks created in Photoshop Elements may or may not persist when imported into Lightroom.


If you rotated photographs in the Organizer, the rotations may not persist in Lightroom.

Notes Won't be Imported

In the Organizer, in the Properties pane or panel, there's a Notes box.

Text entered into the Notes box won't be imported into Lightroom.

Import the Organizer Catalog

Do the following the Organizer.

1) Go to File > Backup Catalog.

2) Go to File > Reconnect > All Missing Files.

Then, do the following in Lightroom.

Go to File > Upgrade Photoshop Elements Catalog.


Migrating your catalog to Lightroom John R. Ellis