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You can attach photographs to e-mails easily with Lightroom.

Do the following.

1) In the Library module, select the photographs you want to send.

2) Click Export in the lower-left corner of your screen.

The Export window will open.

3) On the left side of the Export window, in the Lightroom Presets menu, select For Email.


Export Window

The Email preset will reduce the size of the exported JPEGs for faster e-mail transmission.

You can change those settings, as well as the settings in the other sections.

4) Click Export in the lower-right corner of the Export window.

The E-mail window will open.

Usually, Lightroom selects your default e-mail client (program).

If your preferred e-mail client isn't selected, go to Select a New E-mail Client.

Here, Mozilla Thunderbird was selected by Lightroom.


E-mail Window

5) Enter the recipient's address and the subject.

6) If needed, click the Preset menu, at the bottom of the E-mail window, to change the size of the exported JPEGs.


Preset Menu

7) Click Send.

Your e-mail client will open.

8) Add a message.

9) Click Send in your e-mail-client window.

Select a New E-mail Client

Do the following to select a new e-mail client in Lightroom.

1) In the E-mail window(step four, above), open the From menu.

2) Select Go to Email Account Manager.


From Menu

The Lightroom Email Account Manager window will open.

3) Click Add in the lower-left corner.


Lightroom Email Account Manager Window

The New Account window will open.


New Account Window

4) Enter an account name, such as the name of the e-mail client.

5) Select a service provider.

6) Click OK.

The Lightroom Email Account Manager window will reopen.

Lightroom is usually able to enter the server and port values (red rectangle).

If not, get the values in the account settings section of your e-mail client.

7) Enter your e-mail address, user name (e-mail address), and password (green rectangle).

8) Click the Validate button.


Lightroom Email Account Manager Window

9) Click Done.

Doesn't Work?

If the above doesn't work for you, go to E-mail: Preset Method.