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Learn Photography

Lightroom > Print Module >

2 - Print Module Panels on the Left Side

Select a Photograph

Click on a preview in the filmstrip at the bottom of your screen.

Info Overlay

Information is displayed in the upper-left corner of the work area:

• Page number

• Paper size

• Printer

If this display is distracting, press i on your keyboard.

Preview Panel


Preview Panel

The Preview panel displays the layout of a template selected in the Template Browser panel.

Template Browser Panel


Template Browser Panel

The Template Browser panel has print-layout templates.

There are two default sections.

The first section contains Lightroom templates.

The second section is for user-defined templates.

Preview a Template

To preview a template in the Preview panel, move the cursor over the name of a template in the Template Browser panel.

Create a Template

To create a user-defined template, do the following.

1) Select a Lightroom template that's similar to your desired template.

2) Modify the template using the options in the panels on the right side of your screen.

3) Click the + icon in the Template Browser panel tab on the left side of your screen.

4) Rename the template from Untitled Template, and select a folder, such as the default folder, User Templates.

Collections Panel


Collections Panel

The Collections panel displays your collections.

If needed, you can create a collection of the photographs that you're printing.