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9 - HSL / Color / B&W Panel

Look in the upper-right corner of Lightroom, and make sure you're in the Develop module.

We're now going to look at the HSL / Color / B&W panel.


HSL / Color / B&W Panel

The panel has three sections:


Earlier Versions of Lightroom

All three sections are displayed: HSL, Color, and B&W.

When editing a black-and-white photograph, the HSL and Color sections are grayed out.

Later Versions of Lightroom

If you're editing a color photograph, only two sections are displayed: HSL and Color.

If you're editing a black-and-white photograph, only the B&W section is displayed.

Convert to B&W

How do you convert a color photograph to black-and-white?

Do one of the following.

• Press v.

• Go to Settings > Convert to Black & White.

• In the top-right corner of the Basic panel, click Black & White.

Let's look at each section.

HSL Section

A color that you see in a photograph is composed of three components.

• Hue

• Saturation

• Luminance

Therefore, the HSL section has a sub-section for each of the three components.

Click one of the sections.

Or, click All to see all of the sub-sections at once.


HSL Section

Let's look at the three sub-sections.

Sub-section #1 - Hue

Hue is another word for color.


Drag the sliders to change the colors.


Hue Sub-section


You can also click-and-drag on the photograph.

Do the following.

1) Click the target-part-of-a-photograph icon in the upper-left corner of the sub-section.


Target Part of a Photograph Icon

2) On a color in the photograph, click, hold, and drag up-and-down.

The color you selected will be modified.

3) Click the Done button when you're finished.

The button is located below the photograph on the right end.


Done Button

Sub-section #2 - Saturation

Saturation is the amount of gray in a color.

Think of it as being the vividness/richness of a color.

Drag the sliders to change the saturation.

You can also select a color on the photograph, as described above.


Saturation Sub-section

Sub-section #3 - Luminance

Luminance is the brightness of the tones.

Think of it as being the black-and-white component of color.

You may have encountered the term luminosity in other programs.

Drag the sliders to change the luminance.

You can also target a color on the photograph, as described above.


Luminance Sub-section

Color Section

The Color section is a variation of the HSL section.

There's no target-part-of-a-photograph icon for dragging on a color in the photograph.


Color Section

B&W Section

You can use the B&W section to tweak black-and-white photographs.

Go to Convert to B&W.


B&W Section