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4 - White Balance Section

Look in the upper-right corner of Lightroom, and make sure you're in the Develop module.

We're now going to look at the White Balance section of the Basic panel.


Basic Panel: White Balance Section

Review White Balance

To review the topic, go to White Balance.

Preset Menu

You can adjust the white balance by using presets on the menu to the right of WB.

The choices for non-raw file formats are limited, as these files have been already processed by the camera.

White Balance Selector


White Balance Selector

You can adjust the white balance by using the White Balance Selector tool.

Click on the tool.

As you move the cursor, look for an area with the least amount of color.

That's an area that should be gray, but isn't perfectly gray.

There are two "helps."

Help #1 - Loupe

The Loupe, a window, travels next to the cursor.

The view in the Loupe is a magnification of the area under the cursor.

Click when:

• The pixels have the least amount of color.

• The RGB values, at the bottom, are similar.

Help #2 - Preview

The image in the Navigator panel previews the white balance wherever you move the cursor.

Temperature & Tint Sliders

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Temperature & Tint Sliders

Use the two sliders to fine tune the white balance.

The Temperature slider has a range from blue to red

It's used for:

• Tungsten lighting.

• Warming or cooling the color.

The Tint slider has a range from green to magenta.

It's used for:

• Florescent lighting, which is greenish.

• Skin tones.


Double click WB to reset the white balance back to As Shot.