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Learn Photography

Lightroom > Library Module >

6 - Library Module Panels

On the Right Side >

4 - Metadata Panel

Metadata is data:

• Recorded by the camera when you take a photograph.

• Added when you import photographs, such as adding contact and copyright information.

• Added at any time, such as a caption.

Camera Metadata

Look for the menu in the tab for the panel.

It's set to the Default menu.

If you want to see more camera metadata, select the EXIF + IPTC menu.

Create a Metadata Preset

For Contact & Copyright Information

You can create a metadata preset for your contact and copyright information.

Then, you can apply the preset to:

• All of the photographs you're importing.

• Photographs in the Library module in Grid view.

Get Started

Do the following.

1) Go to the Library module.

2) Open the Metadata panel.

3) Select Edit Presets in the Preset menu.


Preset Menu

Enter the Copyright Information

4) In the Edit Metadata Presets window, look for the IPTC Copyright section.

5) Do you want to use all of the fields—or just some of them?

If you select the tiny box in the upper-left corner of the section, all of the fields in the section become active.

If you want to enter information in only some of the fields, select the box at the right end of the field.

6) Enter your copyright information.

The easiest way to enter the copyright symbol (©) is to copy it from elsewhere, and paste it into the field.

Enter Your Contact Information

7) In the Edit Metadata Presets window, look for the IPTC Creator section.

8) Enter your contact information, selecting the fields using the boxes, as described above.

Save the Preset

9) At the top of the Edit Metadata Presets window, open the Preset menu, and select Save Current Settings as New Preset.


Save Current Settings as New Preset

10) Enter a name for the preset, and click Create.

11) At the bottom right of the Edit Metadata Presets windows, click Done.

Apply the Metadata Preset

There are two methods to apply the metadata presets.

Apply Method #1 - Importing

When importing photographs, open the Apply During Import panel, and select your metadata preset.

Apply Method #2 - Library Module

In the Library module, in Grid view, select photographs.

Open the Metadata panel, and select your metadata preset.


Go to Metadata.