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Lightroom > Library Module >

5 - Library Module Panels

On the Left Side >

5 - Folders Panel

Your hard drive is at the top of the Folders panel.

The tiny vertical rectangle on the left end of the shortcut is probably green.

As space is used up, the color changes from green to orange, and then to red.

The amount of memory used, and the total memory, are on the right end of the shortcut.

If you right click on the header, other options appear.

Create a Folder

To create a folder, click the + icon on the Folders panel header.

As mentioned, the folder is created on your hard drive by Lightroom.

The shortcut to the new folder appears in Lightroom, but the folder is located on your hard drive.

Update a Folder

Let's say you have folders for the projects on which you're working.

A month ago, you imported the folder called Climate Change.

Now, you're back from Alaska with polar-bear photographs.

You download them from your camera to the Climate Change folder on your hard drive.

You didn't use Lightroom to do the download from your camera.

There are new photographs in the Climate Change folder on your hard drive—but they're not in the Climate-Change- folder shortcut in Lightroom

So, how can you update the Climate Change folder in Lightroom?.

Do the following.

1) Right click on the Climate Change folder in Lightroom.

2) Select Synchronize Folder.

You can also use this feature if you delete photographs on your hard drive, without using Lightroom.

Lightroom will still have the previews, so you need to update the folder using Lightroom.


You can use Lightroom to move a photograph from one folder to another, or to move a folder.

When you do so, the change is made on your hard drive by Lightroom.

Delete a Photograph

When you delete a photograph from a folder in the Folders panel, you can choose to:

• Delete only the preview from Lightroom.

• Delete the actual photograph from your hard drive.

Delete a Folder

When you delete a folder, the folder is also deleted from your hard drive.