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1 - Introduction

If you use Adobe Bridge or Picasa, read on.

If you don't use these programs, jump ahead.

Bridge & Picasa Users

As you know, you don't have to import your photographs when using Bridge or Picasa.

When you open these programs, your photographs are "in" the programs already.

Bridge and Picasa are browsers.

They browse to your photograph files in My Pictures or Pictures.

Lightroom is a database.

You have to "tell" Lightroom where your files are located on your computer.

You have to import them.

Importing Means . . .

As described, Lightroom doesn't import your photograph files.

Lightroom imports:

• The locations of the files in My Pictures or Pictures.

• The metadata and previews (previews) from the files.

Again, when you read . . .

import your photographs into Lightroom,

Think . . .

import shortcuts to my files, their metadata, and their previews.

No Duplicates Are Imported

If Lightroom determines that a file already exists in a Lightroom folder, the preview of the duplicate file will be grayed out.

Next, we'll set up Lightroom for importing.