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8 - Import from Folders

This section assumes that you've done an import from your memory card, described earlier.


When you imported from your memory card, Lightroom moved photographs from the card to a location on your computer.

You have folders containing old photographs on your computer.

These photographs don't need to be moved.

They only need to be linked, by importing, to Lightroom.

Let's say you want to import the photographs in a folder called William Tell Festival.

Do the following.

1) Go to Pictures or the location of your photographs on your computer.

2) Click and hold on the William Tell Festival folder.

3) Drag it to your Lightroom Photos folder, and release your mouse button.

4) Open Lightroom and press g to make sure you're in the Library module.

5) Click Import in the lower-left corner.

Left Side

6) Navigate to the Lightroom Photos folder.

7) Click on the tiny triangle to open the folder.

8) Click the William Tell Festival folder.

Top, in the Middle

8) Select Add.


Lower-right Corner

9) Click Import.

Are There Subfolders?

If a folder has subfolders, Lightroom won't import them, by default.

If you want to import the subfolders, do the following.

a) Go to the left side of the Import window.

b) Right click on the folder containing the subfolders.

c) Select Include Subfolders.


Once designated, all subfolders will be imported.

If you don't want to import subfolders, right click a folder and deselect Include Subfolders.