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Place your photographs in a collection (unless you're continuing to use your folder hierarchy).

Collections are represented below as the files in the drawer below


Collection Sets

Collections can go into a collection set.

A collection set is represented above by the wood front of the file drawer.

A collection set like the label on a file cabinet drawer.

In fact, the icon for a collection set has a white label.


Photographs go into a collection.

Collections can go into a collection set.

Make a Collection Set

Let's say you went ice climbing at Yosemite.

It wasn't your first trip there, so we'll make a collection set called Yosemite.

Then, we can put a collection for each trip into that set.

Do the following.

1) Press g to make sure you're in the Library module.

2) Look for the Collections panel tab on the left side of your screen.

3) Click the + icon in the Collections panel tab.

4) Click Create Collection Set.

5) Enter Yosemite.

6) Click Create.

Look at the Yosemite icon.

It has a white label on it.

That means it's a collection set.

You can't put photographs in a collection set.

You put collections in a collection set.


Make a Collection

Let's make a collection inside the Yosemite collection set.

We'll call it Ice Climbing.

This is where the ice-climbing photographs will go.


Do the following.

1) Select the photographs that you want to put in a collection.

If needed, go to How to Select Previews below.

2) Click the + icon in the Collections panel tab.

3) Click Create Collection.

4) Enter the name, Ice Climbing.

5) Select Inside a Collection Set.

6) Select Yosemite in the collection-set menu.

7) Select Include selected photos.

8) Click Create.

9) On your keyboard, press Ctrl + d (Windows) or Cmd + d (Mac).

This command deselects all of the previews.

Dragging Method

Here's the method for adding photographs to an existing collection.

Do the following.

1) Select the previews.

2) Click and hold on one of the previews.

Be sure to click on the image, not on the gray border.

3) Drag the preview to the existing collection and release your mouse button.

The other selected previews will follow along.

4) On your keyboard, press Ctrl + d (Windows) or Cmd + d (Mac).

f you know how to select previews, skip ahead.

How to Select Previews

You can select the photographs using one or more of the methods below.

Method #1 - All of Them

If you press Ctrl + a (Windows) or Cmd + a (Mac), all of the previews are selected.

To deselect all of the previews, press Ctrl + d (Windows) or Cmd + d (Mac).

Method #2 - This One & That One

Press and hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac).

Click on the previews.

Release the Ctrl or Cmd key.

Method #3 - Previews Next to Each Other

Press and hold down the Shift key.

Click on the first preview in the row(s) and then click on the last preview in the row(s).

Release the Shift key.