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3 - Remove the Duds

This writer suggests sorting the photographs into two categories: Good ones and Duds.

You can do so quickly by pressing p or x on your keyboard.

Do the following.

1) If needed, enlarge the previews using the Thumbnails slider below the previews.

2) Press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard.

This enables Lightroom to jump from one preview to the next automatically.

3) Left hand: Put your forefinger above the x key.

4) Right hand: Put your forefinger above the p key.

5) Press x if you don't like the photograph.

A black flag will appear.

6) Press p if you like the photograph.

A white flag will appear.

(If you want to remove a flag, press the u key.)

7) When finished, press the Caps Lock key.

8) Look for the Sort menu below the previews.

Select Pick in the menu.


The white flag photographs will float to the top.

The black-flagged photographs will go to the bottom.

This writer suggests you leave the black-flagged photographs at the bottom of the previews.

They're out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

If you want to delete the black-flagged photographs, do the following.

1) Press Ctrl + Backspace (Windows) or Cmd + Delete (Mac).

The Confirm window opens.

2) Click Remove or Delete from Disk.


What's the difference between Remove and Delete from Disk?

If You Click Remove—your photographs are removed from Lightroom.

The photographs are still on your computer.

If You Click Delete from Disk—the photographs are removed from Lightroom and deleted from your computer.

Your black-flagged photographs are no longer on your computer.