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7 - Seven Modules

Open Lightroom.

Look in the upper-right corner of Lightroom.

There are seven words.

These are the Lightroom modules.



The Library module is for inputting stuff, such as importing your photographs.

The Develop module is for editing.

The Map module is for using the GPS information that your camera may have recorded.

The other modules re for outputting your photographs.

Library Develop Map Book Slideshow Print Web
Inputting Editing GPS Outputting Outputting Outputting Outputting

Typically, you start in the Library module.

Then, you move to the Develop module.

Have a Look

Click the seven modules, and have a look at each one.


Remember g e d.

Press the letters to move from:

Library (grid view) → to Library (loupe view) → Develop

Library Module Develop Module
g e d
Grid View Loupe View  

Press g, e, and d, to see how you can travel easily from module to module.

We'll cover the Grid and Loupe views shortly.

Close the Module Picker

If you use the above shortcuts, you may want to close the Module Picker so you have more space for your photographs.

Click the gray triangle at the top of your screen, in the middle, to close the Module Picker.

Auto Hide

If you close the Module Picker, by default, it will reopen if you move your cursor near it.

If you find this annoying, do the following.

1) Right click on the gray triangle at the top of your screen, in the middle, that open-and-closes the Module Picker.

2) Select Manual.

Hide a Module

If you never use a module, right click on it, and deselect it from the module menu.

Below, we'll concentrate on the Library and Develop modules.

First, we'll look at a typical Lightroom workflow.