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6 - This & That

Calibrated Monitor

Your monitor must be calibrated.

Go to Monitor Calibration.

Windows & Mac Versions

The two versions of Lightroom are almost identical, except for the locations of:

• Catalog Settings.

• Preferences.


In the Windows version, Catalog Settings and Preferences are located under the Edit menu at the top of your screen.

Edit > Catalog Settings

Edit > Preferences


In the Mac version, they're located in the Lightroom menu at the top of your screen.

Lightroom > Catalog Settings

Lightroom > Preferences

Mac Users

There are three notes for Mac users.

Note #1 - Ctrl, Alt, Backspace

Windows commands are used in the text to reduce clutter.

If you're using a Mac computer:

• Press the Command key (Cmd) whenever you see Ctrl below.

• Press the Option key whenever you see Alt below.

• Press Delete when you see Backspace below.

Windows Mac
Ctrl Command
Alt Option
Backspace Delete

Note #2 - No Right-click

Button on Your Mouse?

Right clicking on a preview brings up a contextual menu.

A contextual menu is created based on what you're right-clicking on.

If your mouse doesn't have a right-click button, do the following.

1) Press and hold Ctrl (Not the Cmd key).

2) Click the mouse button.

This is an exception to the above Ctrl = Cmd rule.

Note #3 - No Dock?

If you can't see the dock, press f until you see the dock.

When you can't see the dock, Lightroom is in full-screen mode.

How to Do Stuff Charts

Photographers have different preferences for how they make programs do stuff.

When discussing an operation, a chart is included so you can spot your preferred method quickly.

For example, here's the chart for using rating stars.

Look for your preferred method in the left column.

The right column is how to use the method.

On Tool Bar?


Keyboard Shortcut

0 = No stars

1 = ★

2 = ★★

3 = ★★★

4 = ★★★★

5 = ★★★★★

Right Click Menu


Menu on Top of the Screen

Photo > Set Rating

On Preview Cell (Border)?


Other & Related Methods

Press the Caps-lock key to engage Auto Advance.

Thumbnails Are Called Previews

In Lightroom, thumbnails are called previews.

Click on the Image, Not the Cell

Note, when you read . . .

click and hold on a preview,

Click and hold on the . . .

preview inside the cell.

The cell is the gray area around the preview.

Again, click and hold on the preview inside the cell.


Cell with Image Inside


This tutorial assumes you've just installed Lightroom with all of the defaults in place.

No one else has used the program.

If this is not the case, something may be mentioned that's not visible.

If so, it may be because another user of the program has made a change from the default settings.