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Why Self-assignments?

A self-assignment narrows your eye.

You'll see more with a narrow eye than you would with an everything eye.

How Do You Come Up

With a Self-assignment?

Do the following for inspiration.

1) Look at your photographs.

2) Look at the photographs of others.

Go to Over 300 Master Photographers.

3) Repeat an assignment that you did in class.

4) There are lots of ideas in Photo Tips.

5) Tell a story.

6) Photography has become more intangible.

Be more physical by making a book, collage (with a scissors, not on a computer), or ?

7) Work on presentation, such as a slideshow, book, picture rail, matting and framing, or ?

8) Improve your lighting:

• Fill Flash: 1 2

• Get a LumiQuest Soft Screen (LQ-051D) for your pop-up flash.

• Get a separate flash

• Get a "hot" light, such as A Cheap, Bright Light.

9) Polarizing Filter

10) Graduated Neutral Density Filter

11) Explore the history of photography, such as the technology, schools/movements, genres

12) Experiment with the tools of photography, such as those on the Cheat Sheet.

Put index-cards in the frame so each photo is captioned.

Put your experiments in your Visual Notes folder on your Desktop.

13) Go to Grow as a Photographer: Self-assignments.