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Open the Flash Drive

1) Insert your flash drive into a USB port on your computer.

2) Look for the flash drive in one of these two places.

Place #1: Desktop

Look on the Desktop.

The flash drive will probably be called NoName.

Place #2: Finder

Open a Finder window by clicking on the Faces icon on the left end of the Dock.


There's a column on the left side of the Finder window.

Your flash drive will appear under Devices.

The name of the drive will probably be NoName.


3) Click the flash drive to open it.

Make a Folder on the Flash Drive

If you wish, create a folder for the photographs on the flash drive.

Do the following.

a) Go to File > New Folder.

b) Enter the name for the folder, such as Assignment 1.

c) Press Return.

Select the Thumbnails in Photos

4) In Photos, select the thumbnails of the photographs you want to show in class.

If you're not familiar with selecting thumbnails, go to How to Select Thumbnails.


5) Go to File > Export > Export Unmodified Original.


6) Ignore the Export IPTC as XMP checkbox.

7) In the File Name menu, Use File Name is selected.

8) In the Subfolder Format menu, None is selected.

9) Click Export.

10) Navigate to your flash drive and double click it to open it

11) Double click the Assignment 1 folder to open it.

12) Click Export Originals.

Your photographs are pasted into the flash drive. 

Eject the Flash Drive

Do the following.

a) Click on the flash drive icon on the Desktop, hold, and drag it to the trash icon.

The Trash icon will change to the Eject icon.

b) Release the mouse button.

c) After the flash drive disappears from the Desktop, unplug the flash drive.


a) Right click on the flash drive icon on the Desktop or right click on it in Finder.

b) Select Eject.

c) After the flash drive disappears from the Desktop or from Finder, unplug the flash drive.