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How to Bring Your Photographs to Class

If you've never moved your photographs from your camera to your computer, go to How to Move Photographs from Camera to Computer: Downloading.

There are five ways you can bring your photographs to class.

The most reliable way, besides prints, is to use a USB flash drive.

And, if you're taking a Photoshop Elements class, you can save your work easily with a USB flash drive.

1 - Prints

If you want to show prints, use the lab you normally use.

2 - Flash Drives

You can transfer your photographs from your computer to a flash drive.

These devices are also called thumb or keychain drives.


A common size is 64 GB (gigabyte).

Go to How to Move Photographs to a Flash Drive.

3 - Memory Cards

If you have a card reader, you can put an empty (repeat, empty) memory card into your card reader.

The memory card/card reader combination is like a hard drive.

You can find the card reader on your computer in My Computer or Computer (Windows) or Finder under Devices (Mac).

Transfer photographs from a folder on your computer to the empty memory card.

Do not transfer photographs from your computer to a memory card that's in your camera.

4 - Laptops

You can use your laptop.

However, the screen is hard for a class to see.