Learn Photography

How to Use Flickr


You can upload your photographs to a Flickr website created for the class.

Your classmates and I can make comments and ask questions.

Do You Have a Flickr

Or Yahoo Website?

You can only be signed in to one Flickr or Yahoo website at one time.

Sign out from your own Flickr or Yahoo website.


Observe the Flickr Community Guidelines, including no uploading of any nudes of minors.

Post photographs to the Flickr website with the understanding that the photographs could become public.

A classmate could reveal the password to others.

Go to Flickr

1) Go to:

2) Click Sign In in the upper-right corner.


3) Yahoo asks for your e-mail.

 Enter studentphotokaboom and click Next.


4) Enter the password I sent you and click Sign in.


The website is private as long as you and your classmates don't give out the password.

Upload Your Photographs

5) In the upper-right corner, click the white-cloud icon.


6) There are two options.

Option #1 - Drag & Drop

a) Open the folder containing your photographs.

b) Press and hold the Ctrl Key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac).

c) Click on the photographs you want to upload.

d) Release the Ctrl Key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac).

e) Click and hold on one of the selected thumbnails and drag it to the Flickr window.

The rest of thumbnails will also be dragged at the same time.


Option #2 - Choose

a) Click the giant Choose photos and videos button.

b) Navigate to the folder containing your photographs.

c) Press and hold the Ctrl Key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac).

d) Click on the photographs you want to upload.

e) Release the Ctrl Key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac).

f) Click Open.


The thumbnails appear.

8) Click Add to albums on the left side.


9) Click Create a new album.


10) Enter your first name and the subject or location, such as Jim - Flowers, and click Create album.


11) Click Done.


12) Click the blue Upload Photos button in the upper-right corner of your screen.

View Photographs

13) Click Albums.


14) Click on your album and those of your classmates.

15) Click on the first photograph to open a slideshow.


16) When in the slideshow, scroll down to add a comment.

Please add your first name at the end of the comment.

Be sure to click the blue Comment button to save your comment.


Let Me Know

I don't receive a notification when photographs are uploaded.

Please e-mail me and I'll have a look.