Learn Photography

ExifPro Image Viewer


If you use a Windows computer, try the ExifPro Image Viewer.

When you put the cursor on a thumbnail, the exposure information appears.

You can also view up to four photographs side-by-side.

Look for the Multiple View Panes feature.

You can use EXifPro to organize your photographs, as well.

How to Use

When you open ExifPro, it will bring thumbnails from your computer.

To use the viewer, double click on a thumbnail.

Open a File in the Viewer

When you double click on a file, it probably opens in a Microsoft viewer.

If you want to open your photographs in the ExifPro Image Viewer, do the following.

1) Right click on a JPEG file.

2) Go to Open With > Choose Default program

3) Select ExifPro.

4) Select the check box Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

5) Click OK.

Change This Default Setting

ExifPro may display the "photograph description" at the bottom of each photograph.

If so, press d on your keyboard.

To see the photograph description, if any, press the F2 key.

Double Click a Photograph,

In the Viewer,

To Open It in Photoshop Elements

Let's say you're at one of your photographs in ExifPro, and want to edit in Photoshop Elements.

First, you have to tell where to send your photograph.

Do the the following, in ExifPro.

1) Go to Edit > Options

2) Select the General tab.

2) Near the bottom of the window, look for Open Photo Application.

3) Click the "..." button and navigate to Photoshop Elements as follows.

C: > Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > Photoshop Elements x.0

4) Click OK.

Now, when you press Alt + Enter, the photograph will open from ExifPro into Photoshop Elements.

Other Viewer Programs

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